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Location: Fossil & 9


100'x100' layout (.jpg)

1st choice: 9:00 Ave - 100x100
2nd choice: 7:30 Ave - 100x100
3rd choice: 4:30 Ave - 100x100

Physical description:

The majority of the camp floor will be covered in recycled billboard vinyl to prevent damage to the playa surface and keep dust down within the area.  On the frontage road is a 22' diameter shaded geodome with seating, bar, and modest DJ setup (not large scale sound) where the camp interactivity will occur. A large flag & banner will be erected for camp name and events. Surrounding this geodome is plenty of open space for bike parking and our mutant vehicle, the Purple People Eater, to be on display during the day.  Proceeding more towards the middle camp is the camp living space.  You will find several tents, a 14' hexayurt, another 19' shaded geodome, properly designed camp shower w/ evaporation tray, camp stoves & BBQ, plus <20 gallons fuel storage for small camp generator.  The camp is laid out such that RVs are along only two sides of the camp as to be more open and inviting and reduce the "wall of RVs" feel.  The generator sound protective box, with proper ventilation, is placed as seen on layout map as to reduce sound levels. No post-holes or trenches will be required for any structures.

Leave No Trace Plan:

History, background: The majority of Naked Ninjas have been calling the playa home since 2006 with some even older veterans. Our camp is made up of a diverse group of people who all bring a special uniqueness to the experience allowing us the opportunity to take on even more this year by planning it's first official Burning Man Theme Camp and Mutant Vehicle project. With the diverseness of the group, we are able to have veteran Burners teach the important Burning Man prinicpals to our new virgin and younger burners as well as instill the importance of its community to both themselves and to the Naked Ninjas as a whole.  In 2008, the Naked Ninjas were at 5:30 & Dart which according to the DPW Moop Map was labelled green.

Estimated Population: ~25

Nature and scale of our activities: Based on our desire to give back to the community, we have planned to schedule two events within the camp as well as out on the playa with the Mutant Vehicle. All of our activities are being planned with creating the least amount of moop in mind to make sure we are doing our part in keeping the playa as clean and beautiful as possible. Therefore, all of our activities involve good music and serving premade drinks in large quantities that can be easily served in one's playa cup, which hopefully they will bring with them. 

As a camp we will: 

  • Plan Ahead 
  • Practice the 5 R’s: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore, and Respect 
  • Keep our camp clean before, during and after the event 
  • Adopt the seven principles and practices of Leave No Trace at Burning Man 
  • Do what is necessary to protect and restore the Black Rock Desert 
  • Identify potential problems and issues that may arise 
  • Create a strategy or plan for Leaving No Trace (you are looking at it!)
  • We will educate all camp members about minimizing our impact on the playa 

How we will organize for Leave No Trace: 

Our LNT leadership and structure: 
The leader of our LNT team will be Jennifer Millet who will serve as our Ambassador to the Black Rock Dessert. She will be assisted by Chris Millet.

The team will help plan our purchases, what we bring to the playa, and encourage us to reuse, recycle, reduce and restore our materials. They will think about how we and all of our stuff will get there and make it home again. The team will keep our camp clean and fun before, during and after the event and delegate and enlist help when it is needed. 

They will be responsible for cleanup and trash management in our camp, including activities and parties we host. They will make sure that our gray water does not impact the playa. They will see that all camp members understand and agree with the policies and practices of Leave No Trace at Burning Man. 

They will oversee daily tasks and will have a plan in place when we get ready to leave. 
When it's time to break down and sweep our camp for every last trace. The Ambassador will make sure EVERYTHING left goes with us. 

The Ambassador will encourage our participation in community line sweeps and restoration with our neighbors and DPW. 

Kevin Klemm, will oversee our camp breakdown and cleanup. 

All Naked Ninjas' vow to help with their part of the LNT plan and they will:

Before the event:

  • We pledge to Leave No Trace in and around our campsite, including our own and others’ waste. 
  • We will read the survival guide and LNT tips. 
  • We will complete this camp’s Leave No Trace Plan and share it with the entire camp.
  • We will plan the assembly and takedown of our structures and decorations and tape the edges of our carpets 
  • We will inventory vehicle space so we can pack out everything 
  • We will take the packaging off of just about everything and stock up on reusable products and containers 
  • We will shop for simple foods and prepare meals in advance to reduce waste 
  • We will bring no glass, cheap trinkets, small feathers, and anything that might get left on the playa 

During the event 

  • We will check our camp daily
  • We will clean as we go, realizing that any trash or MOOP (matter out of place) can blow away or be buried at any moment
  • We will keep our recyclables, burnables, and non-burnables clearly separated for easy disposal
  • We will recycle our aluminum, either on-site or back home 
  • We will have special cleanup crews for any high traffic activities we host and take care of any trash left by guests, invited or otherwise. 
  • We won’t leave trash in or around the port-o-potties 
  • We won’t be lighting any fires. If we must burn, we’ll use a public burn barrel or burn platform 
  • We won’t be needing to dig large holes or trenches
  • We will keep all items tied or weighted down, and leave papers at home. 
  • We will not dump any grey or black water on the playa. Hence the evaporation pond.
  • We will encourage members of our camp to carry a personal trash (MOOP) container and a cigarette butt container when they are outside camp. 

After the event 

  • We will put aside time and have designated volunteers for the final cleanup 
  • We will take all trash in sealed containers to a landfill and recyclables to a recycle center on the way home. 
  • We will leave extra space in every vehicle on the way to the desert, knowing that repacking will inevitably take up more space and ensure that no items can detach during the ride home.
  • We will pack out everything, including any unevaporated gray water and scum
  • We won’t put trash in or around the port-o-potties 
  • We will help out our neighbors and fellow citizens 
  • We will be Good Neighbors
  • We will encourage our guests to bring their own beverage containers.
  • We will help out our neighbors
  • We will adopt the space around our camp, making sure that it stays traceless 
  • We will help careless or forgetful campers 

Here's how we’ll do it 

  • Our camp layout is only what we need and compact with everything clustered together. 
  • Our decorations will be primarily simple furniture, flags, and banners.
  • We will create an inventory of everything as it is set up and check off the inventory list when we break down camp. 
  • Each of us will be bringing extra garbage bags and boxes for clean up of trash when we break down. We will have several large plastic containers for any grey water that might be left. 
  • With several RVs, we will have plenty of space for trash hauling at the end of camp. 
  • This LNT plan is posted on our website, which you are now reading.
  • A secured trash separation station with signage and tags and plenty of heavy duty garbage bags will be attached to several of our RVs.

We will bring the following items for camp operations:

  • Separate, sealed containers for recyclables.
  • Reusable dinnerware and utensils.
  • Large water containers for camp water supplies (no small water bottles) 
  • 5-gallon bucket for wet kitchen scraps.
  • Treament and containers for grey water disposal
  • Containers for smokers’ butts 
  • Camp floor will be covered in vinyl to ‘catch’ any items that drop 

We will bring the following items for our camp’s breakdown, clean-up and restoration:

  • Push brooms for sweeping playa off vinyl and breaking up dunes
  • Rakes for sweeping through dust piles 
  • Rope and string for tying loose stuff down. 
  • Small spare bags for collecting trash as we wander. 
  • Lots on industrial strength trash bags: more than we think we'll need. 
  • Cheap work gloves for everybody. 
  • Long-handled sledgehammer for compacting 5-gallon buckets and driving stakes. 
  • Vise grips for removing stakes and rebar. 
  • Directions and hours of landfills and RV water dump stations 
  • Magnets or magnet sweepers to remove every last nails, staples, scrap of metal. 
  • Vehicles and/or trailers to haul everything out 

Packing Out and Restoration of Our Site 

  • We will take away everything we brought with us plus a few things we didn’t know we’d have. 
  • The vinyl flooring with define our boundaries. After sweeping and levelling any dunes that accumulate on it around vehicles or structures, we will then then divide up our area and begin line sweeps. 
  • If we don’t have enough folks on our team to form one line across the site, we will break our space up into smaller areas and have each restoration volunteer deMoop their area. 
  • We will pick up all moop in area camp area.
  • We complete restoration of any hotspots (micro-MOOP collections), or burnscars in our camp. 
  • We will try to give a helping hand to our neighbors 


Being our first year as an official theme camp, the Naked Ninjas are very excited about really getting out there and interacting with others while at Burning Man as well as regional events in our area.

This year we have two Happy Hours planned in our shaded geodome with bar and seating. We are planning for at least one-hour at 5:00PM on Monday, August 31st and another hour at Thursday, September 3rd. During both of these events, we will be serving up premade margaritas and then some spiked lemonade.  A modest DJ setup will be putting out some great beats.

For the rest of the time, the shaded geodome will serve as a chill area to rest. Our mutant vehicle, the Purple People Eater, will likely be parked next door during the daytime. Our theme camp layout was specifically designed to be open and inviting. We are hoping the openness of our camp will allow us to meet and connect with new Burners.

Several Naked Ninjas plan to participate with Lamp Lighters. Others will be donating time with our friends at the the Pancake Playhouse camp who serve up their yummy pancakes.  

Additionally, the Naked Ninjas plan to bring something special that they can gift to others while out and about within the city throughout the week. Please note that our focus will be to make sure that our gifts are as moop-friendly as possible.  

We will be gathering and donating any leftover food, supplies (they loved the premium 1ply toilet paper last year!) and water to the DPW crew during our exodus from the playa.  

For us, Burning Man is just the icing on the cake, as we eagerly participate thoughout the year in regional burner events and volunteer in our local Burner without Borders community.

Events Schedule:

Monday, August 31st
5:00PM to 6:00PM
Monday Margarita Madness 

Come meet the Naked Ninjas at Monday's Mutation Station Margarita Madness happy hour. Enjoy margaritas, music, and mayhem. Remember to bring your playa cup along.  


Thursday, September 3rd
3:30PM to 4:30PM
Tassle Twirling 101 with Headmistress Purr

Join Headmistress Cheripop Purr from the Rosebud Burlesque Club at this participation only tassel twirling workshop! First 35 people will receive complimentary nipple tassels or bring your own! Learn 6 different ways to twirl! Amaze and astonish your friends with your new found artistry! Women and men are both welcome to participate! No spectators please!


5:00PM to 6:00PM
Mutation Station Lemonade Libation Hour

Join your Naked Ninja friends for a spiked lemonade libation at the Mutation Station. Kick back, cool off, and quench your thirst! (bring your playa cup!)



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